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Masks, mouth, and health discussion with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and Dr. Scott Jensen

“Without the freedom of open discourse and conversation debate, which is the foundation of science, you can’t practice the scientific method. Therefore you get garbage; you get scientific consensus which… eludes what’s really right for our health.” (starting at 12:05) He connects that with the Mansfield Amendment from the 70s which put restrictions on government funds set aside for science, which inadvertently laid the foundation for controlling who gets funded, thus who’s willing to tow the party line.

“What happens when you put on a mask? (15:50) In the mouth area, which is a very sensitive area, where we have the most number of thermoreceptors… when you put a mask on in this area temperature will rise, that’s one phenomenon, and the other phenomenon that will happen is that PH level will go down because you start mouth breathing, saliva gets reduced and more acidity develops. Those two phenomena are very powerful forces that manipulate the microbiome in your mouth… Those three bacteria have a higher likelihood of increasing… When you connect that causal point to what dentists are now seeing people who never had gum inflammation or tooth issues… (17:00) the masks have a direct affect on oral health damage..which is connected to the health of the rest of the body, [such as] cardio-vascular disease, brain health, etc.

(21:50) When you take a reductionist approach, which is what modern science has unfortunately become, they don’t want us to look at the whole elephant they just want us to look at a part and I think that’s how they create garbage science. So you can look at one little part and you can say…”if you put this covering [over your face] it’s going to solve a public health issue.” … You may now be creating a cascade of new public health issues. That was purposely never discussed in the discourse before imposing something like that. Shiva

Jensen. (22:30) One of the most falacious policy drivers for politicians and beuracrats was when they chose to elevate one illness above all other problems. And I think we saw that with Covid. With no advanced recognition of the unintended consequences and even the perverse incentives that we would create from a societal and a payment perspective in terms of overdoses, suicides, and a number of people that interrupted their chemotherapy for their cancers, the number of undetected cancers… This idea of elevating one illness above all other problems and literally ignoring the issue of collateral damage is the ultimate reductionist… That’s why we’re not diagnosing the flu. We’re not looking.

(42:55) There’s hope that we can encourage the masses: don’t be so reliant on the political appointed bureaucrat; don’t be so reliant on the person that’s got “MD” behind their name. Bust through those walls. Realize that we’ve all got the ability to think and agitate and come up with our own conclusions. I tell my patients everyday, “physicians are very good at biology, and chemistry, and physics, but we can be pretty stupid when it comes to common sense.”