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COVID19 Vaccine Deaths & Risks

the spike proteins created from the mRNA vaccines are immediate and from multiple cells all system wide. With regard to Pfizer, we have an actual study indicating over a 48 hour period how the mRNA vaccine will effectively spread throughout the body.

After a 48 hour period, the Pfizer mRNA vaccine will have the highest concentration in the ovaries and bone marrow (which still appears to be increasing); read Japan FOIA request document here. To add onto that, on December 1, 2020 we had two prominent scientists attempt to slow the vaccine rollout in the EU, claiming the vaccine could lead to infertility; read document petition to the European Medicines Agency.

Based on the data, there does appear to be potential risks related to autoimmune conditions and cancer (concentrations bone marrow) and infertility and genetic defects (concentrations in ovaries).

-published on June 11, 2021. Full report below.